Global IT Award

Nikol Pashinyan

Message from the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia

To us, new technologies are a historic opportunity to accomplish what we want to accomplish in Armenia , that is, an economic revolution. This is also an opportunity for those who want to make a step for the progress of human kind.
With this award, we also want to show our young people what kind of power lies within each individual to change the world, to make it better, and that education is the only sure way to discover that power.


Nikol Pashinyan Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia

Global IT Award Laureates

Vahagn Khachaturyan

The role of technologies has been increasing in our lives at a rapid pace. The advent of new technologies made us think and act in a new way and under entirely new circumstances. They have opened a series of opportunities for each individual to change the world for the better. We embarked on a new phase of development with its limitless opportunities and complexities, in particular within the context of COVID-19 pandemic.
Now more than ever, we should recognize and reward the IT professionals: the vital workers ensuring people and businesses have stayed connected during this crisis and keeping the national infrastructure working.
“Global IT Award” is much bigger than a competition. It is a modest tribute to the people who shape this new world for us with their diligence and hardworking. It is an evaluation of the performance of the people who change the reality with their innovative and creative minds.
It is awards like these that serve as a surefire incentive for many people to pioneer in the field with more enthusiasm and zeal. As a nation we should strive to celebrate organizational and individual excellence; those who are inspiring the next generation of IT professionals and helping to shape the future of IT, our industry and digital society.

Vahagn Khachaturyan Chairman of GIT Award Committee, Minister of high-tech industry

Hovik Musayelyan

We have no alternative but to rely on the development of the knowledge-based fields. We are confident that years later, the giants conferred this prestigious award will return to Armenia bringing with them state-of-the-art culture of high-tech, thus raising our state’s credibility and worldwide recognition as a country relying on knowledge and intellect. It is hard to deny that Armenia’s competitive advantages are closely associated with the IT sector and that our country has all prerequisites and necessary resources to become the regional center and an important player.

Hovik Musayelyan Committee coordinator, Director of Synopsys Armenia CJSC, Yerevan, Armenia

Ralph Yirikian

As a continuous project, the impact of the Global IT Award extends far beyond the efforts to have Armenia properly placed on the world’s ICT map and thus to better enhance the country’s image globally. The biggest outcome of the award is that here in Armenia we host true innovators, whose breakthrough inventions have defined the path of global development, and that these people lecture for the Armenia ICT community and younger generation. The laureates of the award, just like the geniuses of all times, have never mimicked anyone, have never chosen roads treaded before, and have never tried to fit into the existing rules of the game. Armenia has the intellectual potential, which will not only foster its ICT development as the country’s competitive advantage but will also help to create a new quality in the industry to stand as equal by the side of the ICT giants, in the long run.”

Ralph Yirikian General Manager, VivaCell-MTS,
Yerevan, Armenia