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Armenia is on right path on creating a digital society – Tony Fadell

Tony Fadell

Armenia is on right path on creating a digital society – Tony Fadell

By In News On December 4, 2017

YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 17, ARMENPRESS. Tony Fadell, founder of Nest Labs, the recipient of 2017 Presidential Award for the Global Contribution in the Area of Information Technologies, is convinced that Armenia is on the right path on creating a digital society, reports Armenpress.

During the awarding ceremony at the Armenian Presidential Palace, Tony Fadell thanked the Armenian President, the Prime Minister and the Committee for nominating and electing him for this award.

“You truly believe that there is a way to take your country from where it has been, where it is today and where it’s going. I would like to leave you with a few words about things I have seen about success in my 25-30 years career in the IT business. The first thing is about creating an environment for success to happen. There are three important things that President has already mentioned, the first one is education, education at all levels, from primary school all the way up and it is not just after postgraduate, but even beyond. The world is a changing place; it is changing faster than ever. Today is the slowest the world will ever be, it will only accelerate through technology and the people, world citizens not just through the school they have done, but each day. And so whatever programs that you can create to continually educate yourselves as well as your constituents, as well as your population, the better off your economy will be and will allow new things to flourish that we haven’t seen before”, Tony Fadell said.

According to him, the second is about government, it is about government leadership. He said the Armenian government now has an ability to not just have technology inside the government, it’s now about shaping a digital society and creating laws, regulations and working in public-private partnerships to define what digital society is. It is about how we are going to embrace technology, what does privacy mean, what does security mean, what does data access mean for all demographics. “I believe that Armenia has this, after talking to the Prime Minister, after talking to the President; you are on the press of this, onto creating a digital society, as the world has never seen before, because you have a microcosm here and if you look at startups, they always start with a small team. You are a small country, but it can grow outsize if you take advantage of this microcosm that you have and this community you have and lead, not just follow, not just adopt technology, but actually think about what your society can be and work towards it every day and unlike a startup I know tenacity of the Armenian people. The government is not going away, so if you imagine it in 10 or 20 years and even if there is ups and downs, you’ll get there, because the government is not going away, it’s a state of mind and you will have different startups that will be able to create this digital society for all”, he said.

The third thing, according to him, is the public-private partnership. “It’s really about opening up to accept things, people such as myself, investors, teams, mentors into your society as well as having them come into ours so that we can learn and communicate and take the best of the world, because I believe if you can set a digital society sooner than any other country, the world will be looking at you to see how it is done the right way. So those three things I believe is what’s going to bring you forward. you will try, you will fail, but you will learn and you keep going, you don’t stop, you keep trying, because if you know what you believe is true, it will be the future, you will get there one day as long as you keep learning along the way. So again, I challenge you, I hope to come back, I hope to help you in someway to create that digital society, to show the world what it really means to embrace the next millennia. You have been around many millennia, this country, this people have been around many millennia, just like you have done to create the alphabet, to adopt the Christianity as the first country in the world. Adopt a digital society that is equality for all for all in the digital world and you will again set the stage like you have done in the past”, Tony Fadell concluded.


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