Global IT Award

Dr. Tsugio Makimoto

Laureate of 2013 Global Award of the President of the Republic of Armenia for Outstanding Contribution to Humanity through IT


Tsugio Makimoto

President of Semiconductor Industry Association, former CEO of the Hitachi Company

Dr. Makimoto has been one of the most effective visionaries of Japan’s IT industry. He has pushed the technology limits to bring the building blocks that have included advance semiconductors & display devices. These building blocks have enabled the electronics industry to develop and launch most

of the electronics products that have changed the world, and impacted almost all aspects of our lives since 1970’s, and continue today and going forward. Last fifteen years, we have seen many paradigm shifting products and platforms, e.g. Smart Card, Smart Phones, e-books, Tablet PC’s, GPS navigation systems, Servers, PC’s, HDTV, Telecommunications, Robotics and Automation, Electronic Games, Mobile Products, Internet, Social Networking, and others yet to come.

Hisvisionary models and projection let him to discover and publish the famous “Makimoto Wave” that relates to the cyclical nature of semiconductor industry.

Prior to his retirement from Hitachi, Dr. Makimoto
has served as the CEO of Hitachi Electronic Device Group and Senior Executive Managing Director. Since then,he has stayed active in various distinguished positions in the high tech multinational and industry groups. These have included: Sr. Corporate Advisor

of Sony Corporation,Member of Advisory Panel of National Science & Technology Board of Singapore, Board Director of Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing in Singapore, Member of Industry Advisory Board of UC Berkley, Chairman of PDF Solutions, also he was instrumental in establishing WSC (World SC Council).

Currently he is the president of SSIS (Society
of Semiconductor Industry Specialists) and the founder & President of Techno Vision. He also holds senior advisory positions with several multinational companies: Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corp, MicronicsJapan Corp and Nantero Corp. in USA.

Dr. Makimoto holds a BS in Applied Physics from University of Tokyo, MS in EE from Stanford University as well as Ph. D from University of Tokyo. He has been nominated and been an IEEE Fellow since
1997. He has been the recipient of many international awards, e.g.IR-100 Award, Ichimura Award and Bellwether Award. He is the author of several visionary books and other publications.