Global IT Award

Selection and Awarding

Global Award of the President of the Republic of Armenia for Outstanding Contribution to Humanity through IT

Invitations for Nominations

Candidates eligible for the Global IT Award are those nominated by qualified persons who have received an invitation from the Award Committee’s Executive Board. Self nominations are not accepted.

The Executive Board extends invitations to submit nominations to a limited international group of IT professionals, industry leaders, scientists and educators, preselected by the Board based on advice of the Executive Board members, Co-Chairmen and Advisors of the Global IT Award Committee.

Completed nomination forms must reach the Award Committee’s Executive Board according to the previously determined schedule. The Executive Board screens the nominations and with assistance and recommendations from Co-Chairmen and Advisors selects the preliminary candidates. The short-listed nominations are forwarded to the Selection Panel for review. The Executive Board may decide to verify the candidates’ availability before sending the nominations to the Panel.

Laureate Selection

The Selection Panel votes on a date determined by the Award Committee’s Executive Board to select the Global IT Laureate through a majority vote. At the discretion of the Executive Board, voting is arranged in person and/or by e-mail. The decision is final and without appeal. The Laureate is then informed by the Award Committee’s Executive Board and his/her availability for the awarding ceremony is verified.

Awarding Ceremony and Accompanying Events

The Laureate receives his/her award from the hands of the President of the Republic of Armenia during a special ceremony held in Yerevan, Armenia on a pre-agreed date. The Laureate further enjoys a three day program which includes an introduction to the country and its ICT sector, presentations from the IT academic and business communities, and extensive international mass media coverage. All travel expenses are covered by the organizers.