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Steve Wozniak: My visit to Armenia is a very special occasion

Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak: My visit to Armenia is a very special occasion

By In News On August 15, 2010

Co-founder of Apple, the inventor of the first personal computer, Stephen Wozniak, said he had come to Armenia to receive a “special award”.

Stephen Wozniak said this in the exclusive interview to Mediamax in “Zvartnots” airport on November 9th. “I was invited to get a very special award, meet some special people here,” said Wozniak.

Tomorrow, Stephen Wozniak will be awarded the Armenian President’s Global IT Award “for outstanding contribution to humanity through IT”. The initiator of the award is Synopsis Armenia, the general sponsor is VivaCell-MTS.

Talking to Mediamax’s correspondent, Steve Wozniak said that “technologies are very important for Armenia.”

“I have a very good friend. I didn’t realize he was Armenian, until today somebody told me Harry Natashyan is an Armenian name. He comes over here all the time, he works in orphanage. I like people, who do good things. So, I think of Armenia as a place where people have a consideration for those who need help,” Wozniak told Mediamax.

Today, Steve Wozniak is going to meet representatives of the Armenian IT-community.

35 years ago, on 1 April 1976, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak invented the Apple Computer, which is considered to be the first personal computer in the world.


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