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Steve Wozniak: Steve Jobs and I believed we did a great job

Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak: Steve Jobs and I believed we did a great job

By In News On August 15, 2010

Apple Co-Founder Stephen Wozniak stated in Yerevan today that he was determined to become an engineer already 40 years ago.


Speaking in Synopsys Armenia during the meeting with the representatives of Armenia’s IT sector today, Stephen Wozniak said that that he built his first devices by himself without having the funds to have them built in other companies, Mediamax reports. ”But I greatly enjoyed the process”, he said.

”People think technology is only laborious task. But I did it with love and enjoyed it”, noted Stephen Wozniak adding that Steve Jobs gave him advice on what people needed.

”Great engineering implies building of devices close to people, user-friendly, which would make people want to use it. Many engineers ignore this whereas a computer should be pleasant for use so as your productivity could grow”, said Stephen Wozniak adding that Apple was the first computer to offer people games and colorful display at an affordable price.

Stephen Wozniak said that he was aware that Armenia was a center of IT sector in the USSR and expressed the confidence that his ideas and those of Steve Jobs will be realized in Armenia as well.

”You just need to be brave to believe in yourself. Steve and I believed that we did a great job”, said Stephen Wozniak.

Stephen Wozniak will be given the Armenian President’s award for the global contribution to the IT sector tomorrow.

The award is initiated by Synopsis Armenia with VivaCell-MTS sponsorship.



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