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Tony Fadell : Armenia has to move forward

Tony Fadell

Tony Fadell : Armenia has to move forward

By In News On December 4, 2017


YEREVAN. – Armenia has to move forward, but the investments are needed for startups, American inventor, iPod designer Tony Fadell said.

Asked by the Armenian correspondent whether he has any new projects or ideas connected with Armenia, Fadell said he learns here every minute.

 “I am learning every minute here. I am surprised in a good way every minute. I am looking forward to learn more. I am pleasantly surprised,” he said, speaking about Armenia.

Fadell  also urged the Armenians not to be scared of new tools and equipment, as “we will move human race forward by using these tools.”

Tony Fadell arrived on a two-day visit to Armenia. He became the eighth winner of the Award for Global Contribution in the Area of Information Technologies that was established back in 2009.


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